Problems with Windows Live Messenger and CenterIM

Since a year now we are using Windows Live Messenger in company as instant messaging solution. Not throughout the whole company but only in “Group IT”, as we are a global institution now and a need for easy communication becomes necessary.

First I boycotted this movement by not signing up for an account, as in my humble opinion MSN Messenger is one of the bigger sicknesses from Microsoft: the GUI looks like Teletubby-Land, there are a bunch of functions which only use is to annoy your dialogue partners; there is no, let me say it again, no secure encryption between the clients and servers (I heard something about XOR is used?! Are those MSN developers really that silly or do they just take their customers for a fool?); it is closed source and bound to a “Terms of Use” which forbids the usage of other clients than the Microsoft one – and Microsoft only provides clients for the Windows OS; the “Terms of Use” state, that contend posted over the MSN network may be logged; those are only some of the reasons which speak against MSN Messenger.

Anyway, MSN fits perfectly into our Microsoft products only IT infrastructure – the status of your Messenger is included into SharePoint and Outlook together with an Exchange mail server. – so sooner or later I will be confronted with the fact that I have to use MSN Messenger. So some weeks ago I signed up my mail account for Windows Live Messenger usage. Everything worked fine. Until I decided to use the messenger account also at my home computer, which is running a Gentoo Linux as OS.

In CenterIM, my favored multi protocol messaging client, there is the possibility to group contacts, which I use to group them into the context I got the people to know. In that case the context would be work. So I grouped all my working contacts into that group. After the next day of work, they where all moved out of that group again and into a new group called “Individuals”. I deleted that group and moved them back. Same thing happened two times afterwards, so finally I decided to rename the group “Individuals” into “work”.

Now, in MSN I only have one contact left in my contact list. I don’t know why and how, and I seriously don’t know what is so special about that one single contact that is left – all the others are gone, even if I add them again.

Seems that I have to install that crappy peace of software again – and delete my CenterIM account. 🙄

Oh, and by the way, please don’t ask me about my MSN account – that is strictly for work only. For private use I have Jabber – so if you want to contact me, pleas use that messaging system. Or write me a mail, or just comment my blog entries 😉


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