Problems with MSN (again)

Why MSN, why why why?!
If I, by any chance get into the position of making decisions for company software, the first thing that is thrown out is MSN, and it will be replaced by a much better Jabber-Solution. A company only Jabber server, with no access to the outside world (surfing, okey, but I do not think that private chatting with outside people is appropriate at work *coughing*).

Anyway, what’s the problem? Well it seems that my account is somehow used by spammers. Some of my colleagues get funny messages from me, asking to transfer money to a certain bank account, etc. (well, I could have written that, to see who would actually be so stupid and believe in that *evil*).

So how could that be? Well first of all, my company laptop is save, I guess. I didn’t download any crap, it is not possible for me to install anything. There shouldn’t be any viruses. Still you’ll never know – we made an additional virus scan. Nothing.

But anyway it would be strange, as this started in a time where I didn’t use any computer at all, as I was at university. And with my Mac I did not use MSN at all.
Then there’s only the Gentoo Linux computer left. But as well as the laptop it wasn’t in use when this series of messages happened.

And for all of my computers I stick to this rules:

  1. Work with a restricted user account, whenever possible
  2. Restrict this user account as much as possible
  3. No internet services started automatically – only use them as long as needed (e.g. sshd, ftpd, etc.)
  4. No software from unserious sources
  5. Each software tested for checksums, where available
  6. checksum comes from a different source than source code – if possible

And if it really was CenterIM that is infected on my computer – why’s just the MSN account used? No ICQ or Jabber-User complained.

So, what to do? Well, after doing all possible steps I could think of (together with the IT-Support team) I now changed my password for MSN. And it seemed to have stopped till then (but how the hell could someone guess a 9 digit password, that is only used for MSN, where two digits are numbers, two digits are special characters and one digit is a capital letter? – maybe the MSN server is corrupted…)

If that doesn’t help either then there’s just the hard way. Formatting my laptop at work, formatting my Linux pc at home… and if that doesn’t work either – well, then fuck it, MSN, I won’t use you again – I never had any problems with spam send from my accounts all this time before, and I won’t let you ruin it! Using the classic way is more comfortable anyway. Mail me, call me, visit me – that are enough ways for my colleagues to contact me, isn’t it?


Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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