Ever needed ‘to html’ (source)code?

Pretty nasty task, as you’ll have to use html entities e.g. &lt;html&gt; to simply get <html>. Or &amp;lt;html&amp;gt; to simply get &lt;html&gt; (you could of course use


, but they neither look good nor do you have the possibility to use other Tags in them (maybe you want to colour important parts?)

Not a fun task, especially if you’d not have to do it for just a simple as demonstration purpose (as I did it right here), but maybe you’ll have an .xml file that you’d like to explain in an html document. Or an Java snipplet, or…

To put it short: Tere’s help. Dan Koagi wrote a neet little Text -> HTML Entities Encoder in JavaScirpt, that’ll just do… well what the name says! But look for yourself!

I’m just starting to wonder whether there’s a neat script for that in Linux. You know do bad_file -> good_file. Or maybe I’d just get starting to improve my scripting skills again…


One thought on “Ever needed ‘to html’ (source)code?

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