Windows 7 – free eBooks

On October 22nd of this year, Windows 7 will be officially released (I’ve had the possibility to already use it beforehand, as it is already available on the MSDN, and thus also available on the MSDN AA).

For this occasion Microsoft’s publishing subsidiary is giving away (part of) books for free.

First there is a book for absolute beginners to Windows 7 called Windows 7 – Auf einem Blick by Jerry Joyce and Marianne Moon. It’s unfortunately only available in German. It’s 350 pages big, and available as 29 MB big PDF download. Only thing you’ll need to do, is to register yourself with your eMail address, and then you’ll get a personal link for the download. If you’re worried about providing your eMail address to Microsoft, you could also use a trash mail service. It’s available until October 31st, after that you can only buy it, paying 9.90€ (which of course you could also do now, if you’d rather had a printed version).

I already had a glance inside – it’s a total beginners guide, with a lot of screenshots and quite colorful. Doesn’t look that bad, but of course it’s nothing for anybody that has a deeper knowledge and wants some technical news and information.

The second one is only available in English, and is called Deploying Windows 7 – Essential Guidance. It consists of some chapters from the book Windows 7 Resource Kit ( by Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup and Jerry Honeycutt, as well as different articles form the TechNet Magazine by Don Jones, William Stanek, Alan Maddison and Joshua Hoffman. They are aimed for more experienced IT administrators, that have some technical background. You can download it at Microsoft with absolutly no obligations at all (PDF, 6.5 MB). It’s a real bargain, if you’ll consider that the list price of the (whole!) book is $69.99 (USD), and the TechNet subscription costs $349 (USD)/ 373€ per year.

To conclude this entry, here are the TOC of both books, so you may be able to decide whether this is interesting for you or not, before downloading 😉

Windows 7 – Auf einem Blick

  1. Über dieses Buch
  2. Der schnelle Einstieg
  3. Datei- und Ordnerverwaltung
  4. Programme und Minianwendungen ausführen
  5. Konfiguration
  6. Das Internet
  7. Mit Bildern arbeiten
  8. Multimedia
  9. Drucken und Scannen
  10. Kommunikation
  11. Netzwerke
  12. Systemeinrichtung
  13. Sicherheit
  14. Windows 7 Verwalten

Deploying Windows 7 – Essential Guidance

  1. Deployment Platform (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 3)
  2. Planning Deployment (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 4)
  3. Testing Application Compatibility (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 5)
  4. Developing Disk Images (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 6)
  5. Migrating User State Data (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 7)
  6. Deploying Applications (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 8 )
  7. Preparing Windows PE (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 9)
  8. Configurating Windows Deployment Services (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 10)
  9. Using Volume Activation (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 11)
  10. Deploying with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (Windows 7 Resource Kit, Chapter 12)
  11. Migrate Already! Why You Should Migrate to Windows 7 If You’re Still Waffling (TechNet Magazine; by Don Jones)
  12. ommon Issues in Windows 7 Migrations (TechNet Magazine; by Don Jones)
  13. Things You Should Know About Windows 7 (TechNet Magazine; by William Stanek)
  14. Can’t We All Just Get Along? Running Windows 7 in Mixed Environments (TechNet Magazine; by William Stanek)
  15. Integrating Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 (TechNet Magazine; by Alan Maddison)
  16. The Good Computing Seal of Approval: Windows 7 Certification (TechNet Magazine; by Joshua Hoffman)

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