Computer Scientists having fun

Normally this would be something I’d put into my personal blog, but I guess, this one is too special for an audience that doesn’t have a CS background, so I somehow feel it’s in better hands here.

So to have some fun, the Computer Science student Michael Walker, also known as @barrucadu, implemented a Markov Chain (see his source at github) in Python and plugged it to a tumblr account, so it would generate answers to questions.

Now for the funny part: The Markov Chain is only trained with two books, both equally fundamentally important. The first one is the Bible, as translated by King James into the English language. The second one is not that familiar to Non-Computer Scientists, but in CS regarded as one of the more important books. Published in 1984 by Sussman and Abelson for their undergraduate Computer Science course at MIT, the book is even today the foundation of beginning CS classes all around the world. I’m talking of course about Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, which teaches all the basic concepts of Computer Science using the LISP dialect Scheme which was also designed for just this teaching purpose (and now evolved into Racket) by one of the authors.

Having put those two together, you can now ask this program questions via tumblr, and the program will answer you with such wisdom as:

In the beginning there was the word. And the word was Content-Type: text/plain.


And I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and our sins be upon us, because of our use of not and lisp-value.

So if you’re up for some really nerdy humor, just visit KingJamesProgramming. 🙂



Please comment. I really enjoy your thoughts!

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