Windows Mail and windows Calendar

I made a funny new discovery, when I had to fix some program associations in the “Set Associations Control Panel” in Windows Vista at work. There are two new tools that are provided with Vista, called “Windows Mail” (German version) and “Windows Calendar” (German version).

“Windows Mail” was disabled by GPO at work as we use “Outlook”. But I was curious, so at home I asked my girlfriend to show me that tools (she has a Vista that was preinstalled on her Laptop – and she wouldn’t trade it for a nice neat Linux 😦 ). Interestingly both tools, “Windows Mail” and “Windows Calendar” looked pretty familiar to me.

It looks pretty much like the tools in Apples Mac OS X (Company’s website), called “iCal” and “Mail”. So I just wandered about the integration of these tools – are they really a copy of Mac OS X tools? Do the new Microsoft tools work so neatly together as in Mac OS X? Which is the actual power of these tools – each individual tool isn’t that of a great invention – there would be better alternatives for each – but they unfold their power when working together
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Problems with MSN (again)

Why MSN, why why why?!
If I, by any chance get into the position of making decisions for company software, the first thing that is thrown out is MSN, and it will be replaced by a much better Jabber-Solution. A company only Jabber server, with no access to the outside world (surfing, okey, but I do not think that private chatting with outside people is appropriate at work *coughing*).
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